F8 Two Way 8" High-Performance Speakers

The F8 is mid-high compact two-way loudspeaker enclosure incorporating cross over network and
electronic, auto-resettable, driver protection. The use of this dedicated cross-over ensures an exact
match between woofer and driver for optimum acoustic output. It is designed for use in mobile
speech and music sound reinforcement applications as well as in a wide variety of fixed installations.

F8 data sheet (pdf)


F8P Powered Two Way Active 8" High-Performances Speakers

The F8-P is mid-high compact self-powered two-way loudspeaker enclosure incorporating integral
amplifiers and control electronics. The use of sophisticated electronic processor ensures an exact
match between amplifier and speaker for optimum acoustic output, and offers exceptional ease of
use by having the entire electro-acoustic system in one convenient, easily transportable physical

F8P data sheet (pdf)

S12-P Powered 12" Compact Sub-Woofer

The S12P is a self-powered Sub-woofer enclosure designed for use in a variety of theater, corporate and
audio-visual applications, as well as in numerous fixed installations ranging from nightclubs and bars to
disco and live-music pubs. It consists of a custom 3” voice coil 12” low frequency driver in a compact
vented enclosure, optimally tuned for extended low frequency response, together with a powerful
integrated amplifier module.

S12-P data sheet (pdf)